About Us

LUCINE was established in Los Angeles by Janine Der Bogosian, who started the brand to celebrate the beauty of fashion in different cultures. With a family heritage tracing back to Armenia, Lebanon and Europe, Janine grew up fascinated with the style of the women in her family.

She spent many afternoons at her seamstress grandmother Lucine’s home, watching her create dresses and accessories for her clients and relatives, always recognizing the chic Middle Eastern influence in her designs. There was something so unique about the way Nani Lucine dressed; always a layer of cultural influence paired with current trends. It was more than just style – it was a story of a time and place expressed through clothing.

Influenced by her grandmother’s hard work ethic, appreciation for unique textiles and love for individuality, Janine always knew she wanted to contribute to the world of fashion in some way. She spent some time traveling through Asia, South America and the Middle East and became fascinated with the beautiful textiles from each culture. Every region had a different story, a unique expression of its culture and history through handcrafts. Each country had a different set of techniques for embroidery, design and patterns that made them so special.

After working in retail at Nordstrom for some time and falling in love with the process of helping customers personalize their style, she saw an opportunity to create not only one-of-a-kind and beautiful pieces, but pieces with meaningful origins. This calling grew stronger during her stint in Public Relations for the Sundance Film Festival, where she had the opportunity to support and champion the work of global artists and storytellers, experiencing the impact art has on community. 

Janine began to collect textiles from all over, planning to create beautiful handbags with them. LUCINE handbags would become the outlet she had been longing for, a way to celebrate fashion from cultures around the globe.