The PERU collection is HERE.

Janine Der Bogosian

In April the LUCINE team took a journey down to Peru to bring back beautiful, vibrant textiles to use for our next collection. We spent a couple weeks in Cusco and surrounding regions, meeting artisans and weavers and learning about the traditional fabrics, colors and patterns that are unique to the Peruvian culture. We met some really wonderful people, had a little too much lomo saltado and even made some furry new friends.

We came back to Los Angeles with stunning materials and are excited to share with you the first batch of LUCINE handbags we created with them. We hope you love our new cross bodies as much as we do! You can shop the Peruvian collection up on our site now— just check THE LATEST section on our home page! 

Janine Der Bogosian
Founder, LUCINE


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